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Family Outing
Sunday, December 19, 201011:36 AM
Today have a family outing day
because today my bro is driving us
out for some outing today
because his friend lend him car
while going overseas
went out for lunch at Bukit Timah in noon
have my favourite vongole pasta XD
and fried carrot cake
after that my mum say wanna go to farm?
then my bro drive till CCK thn to lim chu kang
the place was become like country side sia
can saw a lot of farm at there
cant believe Singapore have such place
feel myself at Malaysia that time
it was a really long journey and
the road is quite deserted
firstly my bro drive to the sea side
ahhh not that kind like ECP
like kampong lor
however there ppl at there catching fish
and there small crabs and lala
the crabs were so tiny that
u can hardly see it
in the mud when low tide
pretty amazed by this
then went on to Goat Farm
intend to visit the farm
but the person say its
already closing time :(
so bought goat milk
bought 2 large bottle and one small
haha the small one is free
because the person forgot to include it
it can only be keep 10 days
after that went on to look
for vegetables farm
hmm actually there really nothing to see
except places like catching shrimp
saw 2 huge grouper in a tank too
we came across a villa
that looks nice to live in
really like a chalet and gt BBQ pit
driving around can really get lost easily
my bro drive for a long time to get out
finally went to Farmart Centre :O
quite alot of ppl at there uh
since its already evening
then started to have some early dinner
order chicken wings,stingay and otah
OMG its was so delicious luh
that place should not be much ppl to know bah
anyway today see quite a lot of thing
and went to places not been before
overall,a good experience
since it rare for my family of 4 to
get tgt at the same time

at the sea side

the green thing are the oyster,quite lot at there

the free small goat milk

the 2 large bottle of goat milk

the 2 huge grouper

the Farmart Centre

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