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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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N lvl result
Saturday, December 18, 20108:24 AM
My N lvl result came out ytd
went to school to collect it
98% in our school pass
to go up to sec 5
100% pass their math and Eng
wooo that super amazing huh
Yea yea lucky I pass my N lvl
although not very well done
choose to go sec 5 and that is of course
but maybe some chose another path isnt it?
bye to those who gonna go another way
sometime feel kinda sad for some matter
human change very quick isnt it
ahhh forget it

Ahhh OMG got sell kevin woo calendar
its good to check on ukiss blog :P
anyone gt any idea where to buy
I really want it very much! XD

Kevin and Eli is always like a happily married couple

Kevin feeding maknae Dongho
Dongho eating image is so epic haha

Soohyun kinda perm his hair uh
LOL look funny to me though

see how Kevin woo and Alexander have so much fun
so enjoying their life
not like me > a Singapore student
need to go through hell of studying
that what a student fate is
snow are so white and pure
they are at the ski resort
during their M wave filming
I wanna play with them too

Christmas is coming! Let welcome it
it means that a new year is approaching too
nxt year route shall be tough for me
Hope 2011 will be good for me and Ukiss
Hwaiting! is all I can say :)

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