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Primary School Gathering
Sunday, December 26, 20109:04 AM
Today went for my Primary School Gathering
for the first time XP
I go because my form cher,Mr Ler got go
as he had come back from Australia
meet Ming first
then went to MC meet the other
pretty awkward to see pri sch friend
and Mr Ler too since 4 yrs no see
then decided to go Kallang
though I have no idea at there do what
told us to go sit cab haha
Mr Ler give me $50 buck
for me,Ming,Szu Hui and Mingzhen to sit cab
haha all told me to keep the change
then cabbed to Kallang shopping centre
have lunch at KFC
meet a lot of pri sch friend
human really change a lot huh
then went to play bowling
pretty fun luh
though a lot dun want play
finally end the game
then went to Kbox
the room for 18 ppl is super huge
I was really bored at there
since they keep put English song
somemore a lot I nvr hear before
totally not high at all :S
until the MV SHINee Lucifer and Hello come
I was like AHHHHHH
hyper at there singing along
but no use mike la
well then back to English song again
sit there for 2 hrs plus
I was trying to catch some sleep there
since I having slight headache
then finally it end at 7pm
went out and take some photo
take quite a lot of pics
as a memory of it
then went up to Kallang stadium there
take a walk,enjoy the breeze and scenario
then Mr Ler say want play some games
which is line catching
there got white and black floor tile
we were only allow to run on the black one
haha was playing very fun at first
then getting more tired
2 month no run liao leh
somemore my headache getting worst
from those strenuous running
then I stop and take a rest
out of the sudden a security guard came
saying we not allow to run here
if we were to damage the private property
he will call the patrol cars -.-
one words : LAME
we also no damage,alr say IF
then to avoid any trouble
we left the place quickly
we decide to go eat dinner
went to Plaza Singapura
had a long time deciding what to eat
then dine at Secret Recipe
ordered Carribean...
a kind of grilled fish la
my one take the longest
and all keep say ur fish haven
reach SG from Carribean
still in the process of catching it
LOL funny
then say byee to Mr Ler
he say he will be back at 2012!
then take bus
and reach home

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