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First day of sec 5 life
Tuesday, January 4, 20116:46 AM
Today is the first day of school
lalala beginning my sec 5 life :(
had a hard time sleeping the day before school
because use to sleep late during holiday
wake up at about 6.45am
wash up and dress up
its been a long time since I wear uniform
met Kerencia outside school
She told me my hair colour damn obvious
Feeling scare :S
I had a feeling I sure kanna caught
intend to wait for Ming and Qifang
but they were way too late
so we go in first
sit in the hall right away
and quite lot say my hair colour obvious
I knew I was in dead meat liao
Hearing Mr Seet blabbering for 1 hrs plus
his 30mins alway must X2 one
finally he end his nagging speech
hear that for 5 years alr :s
then follow by lot of teacher saying
finally reach the time for grooming check
I wish I wont get caught
because I was sitting under the sunlight sia
Suay enough!!!
Ms Xie still spotted me in the end
went to parade square get form
lucky nvr get send back home
went back to class after that
classromm was on 6th floor
I wonder how I going to endure it for 1 year
then realise alot ppl is missing :(
and there were 2 big fans in our class :D
our teacher had alr been change
feeling weird about it
what I was angry about the new changing time of school
is that the recess time been change to 11am
in the past 9.50am can go eat breakfast liao
waaa now wait till 11am want me starve to death ah
and the timetable became very complicated
today got Mt period which is super long
but I did not have the need to take O lvl Mt
so those who alr take O lvl all went to library slack
then me,Ming,Ker and Fiona sit one table
begin to play Heart Attack
OMG damn funny luh
I really not good at Scissor,Rock,Paper
keep losing to the 3 of them
and I keep kanna hit by them
uhhh this year doesnt seem to be a smooth one
went out to lot one with Ker,Ming and Qifang
take cab because Qifang want it and she paid
went to dine at KFC
saw some new snackers which is very attractive
the 4 of us order Roller snackers
wa piang the Roller damn small la
few bites finish liao
but I think quite delicious luh
very cheesy inside
after that went home
told my mum I kanna caught hair
then she at there nag me like hell
went out to buy hair dye after dinner
still in the progress of dying now
hope that it get back to a darker colour
I really miss my old hair back :(
Curiosity really kills the cat :S
2011 please treat me really nice ok :)

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