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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Good Bye 2010.Hello 2011
Sunday, January 2, 20117:43 AM
I know its a bit late to update now
since 2010 is gone by 2 days
Kinda miss 2010 :(
because I have a lot of memory during 2010
I know 2010 wont come back ever again,it had a lot of my memory in it,so I must type it all out. Hope 2010 is gone by taking away my bad memory.
2010 is the year when I take my International Exam
2010 is also the year when I keep experience a Come and Go Friendship
2010 is the year when I officially become a Kpop fans
2010 is the year when a lot of my first time happen :S
First time become Kpop fans
First time went to concert>Ukiss
First time stand and sweat to wait for Ukiss for 4 hrs plus
First time bake cookies for a guy>Kevinwoo
First time tweet to a idol>Kevinwoo
First time buy kpop album on internet>Ukiss
First time go until to City hall buy sticky because of SHINee
First time like a korea guy>SHINee Key
First time go to Primary School Gathering
On March,I watch SHINee Ring Ding Dong MV :)
Fall in love with key at one sight
kinda regret for watching because I became so obsessed in it
and also it cause me to spend money on Kpop thing :(
On 6 March,went to Toh Peng Hwee birthday party at his house
had a very hilarious and scary experience at there
Kelvin keep harassing Ker "Frustrated"
try all my best to get rid of that pervert
Ker ran away while bringing me running away too
making me huffing and puffing :X
On June,I went to Macau :D enjoying myself
because things were cheap at Sasa so I bought alot
making me spend more money on skin care products in future
On August,watch Raising Idol because of key
saw ukiss Kevin woo,slowly like him,biasing him all the way
Join twitter and realise Kevin woo had twitter too,follow him and keep tweeting to him like hell though he nvr even saw my tweet :(
once again I spend lot more money on ukiss
On Sept and Oct become a study mania due to N levels
On Nov,retake my O lvl MT again
Had my one day job as promoter,learn alot from this job
Bake cookies for a guy for the first time in my life which is Kevinwoo,intend to give him as a gift at the concert gift collection counter
Went to Ukiss concert!!! Happiest day of my life because I saw Kevin woo,he always make my heart melt. But there goes my money again.
Went to Genting and had a hilarious trip with my cousin
On Dec,collect my N lvl result,pass and smile with it. My school had 98% passes which is the best batch ever I bet.
Daniel Radcliffe reply my tweet 2X which make me damn happy XD
Overall my 2010 is thrilling huh, given a lot of my first time to Ukiss.
~Here comes my #NewYearResolution
1) Study hard and pass O Level with good result!
2) Try to get at least 2 A1
3) Meet Ukiss/SHINee
4) Get Kevinwoo to reply my tweet
5) Shakes all ukiss member hand especially Kevinwoo
6) Meet JJ Lin and shakes his hand
7) Save money as much as I can
8) Grow slimmer
9) Grow taller if possible
10) Go overseas to countries which had winter
11) Have a unforgettable birthday
12) Change handphone
13) Get a job after O
14) Went to Kbox with my cousin/Ker & Ming
15) Overseas with friend after O and have pillow fight
16) Stay outside till 12am with Ming and Ker
17) Try to makeup
18) Buy a new bag
19) Try to Piggyback Ker or Ming
20) Learn Jap or Korea after O
22) Pass math and Eng with flying colours
23) Work with kerencia/Ming
24) Dine in at a expensive restaurant with friends at least 1 time per 3 month even though penniless
25) Trim eyebrow or pierce ear
26) Take care of my face well
27) Learn how to ride a bike
28) Get Ker and Ming to wear dresses go out tgt
29) Try not to get trick by anyone again
30) Eat a lot of yummy food
Hope I'm able to done this :)
Wish 2011 is a more lucky year for me!

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