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CT1> English and POA
Friday, February 18, 20117:03 AM
Today is the starting of exam
English first followed by POA
writing argumentative essays in 1hrs
The qn is"It is not worthwhile for teenagers to hold part-time job"do u agree with this statement"
Well I disagree and write 7 para
Finish in about 40mins
Slack and check tenses
hope can pass loh :S
after that got abt 30mins to revise POA
Mr Chong come in to give us math paper
He suddenly look at me and ask
"Are u new here"
I say "HUH"
then Siti say I boon hui luh
PhotobucketHe say ahhh look different without specs
what is he trying to imply? LOL
then POA paper start
Look so easy is the most dangerous!
Sure got trick one
Expected I got trick by one qns
WTH>Simpson u win liao loh
Hope can just pass luh
Also nvr study a lot haha~
After that go home take nap
etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
receive a msg from someone I nvr expected :O
Like that loh,so sianx
O levels I hate u!
make me so stress
Chiong for O
Kevinwoo :D
haha and one more thing
Ker become a BB magnet and attract lot of BB Photobucket

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