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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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JJ Lin autograph session
Saturday, February 12, 20118:22 AM
Today wake up early to go school for CIP
wait for the VIP to come etc
then went on to do CIP
this CIP is much easier than last year
because all we had to do is to ring people door bell
then give them oranges and FN orange drink
after that went home to prepare
wait for my cousin to come
then went to Heeren
Funny la when we go there
we din even saw that Heeren is just right infront of us
and we walk pass a lot of time
we reach there around 3.15
search for Heeren until 4pm
then went to to see where to queue for the autograph
realise the queue alr queue out of Heeren alr -.-
so many ppl somomore still raining
in the end my cousin help me queue
while I go inside and wait JJ Lin arrival
He today also nth much sia
no sing no nothing
only play some game with those lucky fans
after that he proceed to autograph alr
then I went back to queue again
wait for him almost 1 hrs plus
finally reach me!
OMG I was damn nervous that time luh
thinking of getting close to him
and shakes his hand :D
when I got into the shopping centre
the DJ suddenly say:
No shake hand or taking pic with JJ Lin
I was like HUH -.-
why so unlucky sia
I wait for so long to shake his hand
in the end don have WALAO
6 yrs of supporting you! > JJ Lin
This year 7th year already
Hand also dont want let me shake!
but still I get to see him so near :D
I was so nervous that I cant think of anything
when I saw him
Should have say something to him
stunned until dunno what to say
and when he was leaving I realise the place
I stand is the lane he leaving
and he was like so freaking near to me
I should have stick out my hand!
maybe can get to shake his hand
after this went to walk around Orchard
with my cousin
walk until leg damn tired luh
also nvr buy anything HAHA
Uploading some video now

There are one more video which took like 1000yr to be uploaded at here
so I lazy to upload already
This video captured JJ lin smiling at my camera twice :D
Too bad cant be upload :(

Lazy upload photo,only can captured side view though

This is the free gift which is Kiehl's
JJ Lin dai yan one

Inside are 2 bottles of lotion

JJ lin autographed album!
SEE his signature personally sign by him MUAHAHAHAHA

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