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Kevin우성현 :) is mine
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Saturday, February 26, 20118:21 AM
Today wake up at 9++
went to meet Fiona they all to go school
for the help in Ms Rani research
likea so boring lor!!!!
at there learning completing square
somemore want us to use those weird and long method
then end at 11++
planning to go where
think for a very long time
nearly fall asleep
then decide to go Marina Barrage
meet momoko,ming and ker at 3+
train all the way to Raffles
cancel the outing to MB because raining
walk all the way to Sun Tec
went to sit down at StarBucks
because of something I need to drink hot one
order hot chocolate
so nice luh,addicted to it
but I think quite sweet but
that sweet is the kind of tian zhong tai ku
wont feel nausea when drink too much
then chat at starbucks for abt 2 hrs
keep on gossiping so fun luh
then walk around around
intend to go Marina Square eat
but nth to eat
so went back to sun tec again
had korea cuisine with ming at food republic
after that momoko need to go
train to doby ghaut to take 190
bus all the way
went to Ming block to slack
had a lot fun taking pic
but not like ytd
almost laugh to death la!
slack at around 11pm
then went home
DONE~ :D what a nice day

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