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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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♥Valentine Day :D ♥
Monday, February 14, 20117:14 AM
Today is the VALENTINE DAY! ♥
A day where all couple are going out
and boy buying flower or confessing to girls
haha actually this none of my business XP
I going confessed to Kevinwoo,JJ Lin and Key
♥I love you♥ ok that all LOL
Today went to school as usual
During English lesson,Ms Xie give us Famous Amos cookies
There were 2 kind of flavour
The cookies was damn delicious luh
the cookies keep on passing around and me and shini
keep eating whenever it pass to our table haha~
then the rest are boring day but go fast
after FN went to plaza to dine
Me,Ker,Ming and QF is celebrating Valentine Day
We saw so many couple at there
whenever we saw it, we goes:
"AWWWW so sweet !" then at there whimper
Decided to dine at HK street cafe at plaza
me and Ming order Macau fried rice with chicken chop set
while Ker and QF order spicy beef noodle set
order quite a number of side dish
LOL lazy to type what happen
playing with QF Iphone
taking numerous pic with Ming and Ker
Her phone was full of our pic instead of her
then walk around the plaza and chit chat
had a lot of fun and hilarious photo taking
still waiting for QF to upload pic
Slack around till 8pm then went home
this is the first time I stay out till night
in school uniform :S
had a tired but fun day :)
Wish all couple ever lasting and
Once again Kevinwoo,JJ Lin and Key

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