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Sunday, March 13, 20119:02 AM
On March 11 2011, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan
The areas include Tokyo,Sendai,Yamagata and Fukushima of Honshu.
But the worst came when it followed by the striking of tsunami and nuclear bombing
due to the earthquake
Now Japan is in a terrible and ruin state
Many people had become homeless,missing or killed
Now there are 4millions Japanese without electricity,shortage on food etc
I feel so SAD for Japan :(
Feel like crying for those who cant go home or cant find family *SOB*
When I heard this news,I immediately thought of my Japan relatives in Tokyo
Thanks GOD that they were fine :)
I cant imagine that when all these happen,I was happily studying at school =.=
the thought of it just send chill down my spine
On twitter,people across global had been trending #prayforjapan as a show of condolence for
what had happen to Japan,showing our grievousness
#prayforjapan had been trending for 3 days since the misfortune happened in Japan
A lot of star had been donating millions to help Japan
I want to donate too but no idea how,even a single dollar is useful isnt it?
Ytd I was thinking why my anime haven upload as it was Saturday
then I realise about Japan situation *thinking oh ya no wonder*
Haix I haven tour to Japan one leh but they already in such terrible state :(
Maybe this is a prophecy about 2012 or May 21 2011?world end?
Hah aiya think too much sia.....
May God Bless the Japanese to overcome these crisis and recovered their economy
Hope those natural disaster and nuclear bomb wont occur again
Hope tmr will be a better day for everyone :)
GBY ^^
GBM ^^
GBE ^^

are u still reading it?????

YOU SHOULD GO TO SLEEP! >extracted from kevinwoo<
ahahahahah,I feel like a reporter to write like this XP

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