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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Ukiss Bran New Kiss 5th mini album
Wednesday, March 30, 20117:42 AM
Today at school was quite boring
PE started off well because had a game of short BBall
then boring lesson again......
after recess is English, preparing for the upcoming oral
almost laugh to death because of Ang Shi Ni
she today quite high luh
keep on doing funny things and playing with me
after that is POA
suddenly we all become very quiet and restless
think play too much during English period haha~
then after school went hall for oral exam
wait until so long sia
from 2.40 wait until 4+ then reach me
the examiner is the what Mr Tan
the one look abit like IP man LOL
he say I read passage too fast
did not produce the "T,K,S'
then picture discussion my mind went blank when he ask questions
then in the end I still managed to say
but dunno why I got say something not related
then he say why I suddenly go say off the point
then come to the conversation part
he ask me do I agree with "practice makes perfect"
then I totally stunned :O
because the picture is about sports thing
I had no idea why I can talk and elaborate so much haha~
then he say good :D fine....
then he say thanks you!
I was like huh u only ask me one question leh
but I still walk away without asking why lol
think I gonna just get a very average mark for oral :S
did my best already though...

Today is 0330-30march
the day where ukiss make their comeback with 5th mini album!
kibum and Xander is no longer in ukiss anymore :(
2 new member who is Hoon and AJ take over them
that why their album is call Bran New Kiss
the title song is 0330! :D
the song was damn nice and addicting!
however the mv mostly starred Dongho
become Kevin got so little part in the mv
SAD sia, why kevin part so little one :(
ahh nvm anyway the song was really damn nice luh
the other song in the album was nice too :D
I had put the song in my blog already
Tsk, I still feel weird for not seeing Kibum and Xander LOL
still kinda miss them though....
wish ukiss come singapore but during my holiday please hah
Ukiss 5th mini album-Bran New kiss
I so gonna buy it man! :D
20110223 update alexander * kim kibum to leave u-kiss Pictures, Images and Photos
Gotta really miss Kibum and xander
UKISS Pictures, Images and Photos
kevinwoo will always be the best ^^

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