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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Busy and Happy :D
Sunday, April 3, 20119:22 AM
for this past few day until now
my parents have gone overseas again
Friday went for tuition
then at night went to yiling house ate dinner LOL
Ming is the one who help me open the door
because yiling is still sleeping
then on sat went to school math tuition
on that sat morning
shini and fiona help me buy MC breakfast haha
so good got someone deliver Mc to my house :D
Thanks them anyway
then on sat noon went out to Marina square
had a very long and fun adventure
bought the wallet I want :D
Like finally~ got a new wallet
went to eat at Jia Xiang Mian
so expensive sia
also not very delicious though
haix waste my money
but I love the drink from each a cup!
then from marina square walk to sun tec
then to city hall to raffles city
walk around and discover a lot of new things
shop in Robinson
then me and ker buy the same Adidas water bottle
then got out of the raffles city to business district
anyhow walk and back to city hall again
because we got nothing to do
we just aim at a couple and follow them walk
LOL damn funny luh
then we follow that couple until esplanade
then follow another couple again but stop again
got out of esplanade and saw marina bay there
a lot of tourist at there
the sky was so beautiful
a part of it was purple colour
then at 8pm
got the lighting thing???
I dunno how to explain
got a lot of colour light shooting out from building
I know this is routine of shows
then ker was filming the whole process
and she capture something shoot by
she show us and we think is
A shooting star!!!!
OMG is this real!?
anyway we left and cont our journey
walk to clark quay
wooo walk past a lot of pub
so complicated with many ah moh and Indian
then finally reach central
walk around again haha
then take bus 190 to somerset 313
shop at forever 21 and ubi qlo
had a lot of funny moment
then go to Man Ji dessert house
so late alr still got such long queue
I order mango coconut glutinous rice
while ming and ker order mango vanilla glutinous rice
it was nice at first
but eat long le begin to feel very full
because of the rice
but still I prefer mango pomelo sago or mango pomelo beancurd :D
then went home !
took one round because then we will have seat
haha we gossip a lot of things
so funny that I would nvr forget
Today wake up in noon
went to cook some noodle
using canned calm chowder as soup base
but very nice (Y) ^^
then slack a lot
discover new korea drama : My princess
very nice and funny
most importantly the male lead very handsome LOL
then my parents came back at 8pm
they bought KFC from genting leh
eat until very full
haix these 2 day nvr study sia!
must gambateh alr :(
May GBM and everyone :)
^^ nice day everyone

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