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Cant make it
Monday, April 11, 20117:04 AM
Don't really like this year :(
So many unlucky thing happen to me
my thumb drive gone missing
all my FN O lvl coursework is inside !
think very funny uh
work so hard for it
and one word "missing" or "sorry" to me is not going to solve anything
u want me not to expect anything huh?
cant find it, I gonna really hold the school responsible
ask cher check cctv, wonder she got check not
I don't care is my fault or cher fault
things are not really going well for me :(
result is declining everyday bet so
I still cant really do my physic sia
I cant even do the practical test
prepare to die liao luh
O lvl cannt make it liao
I dun want to go ITE T_T
What a bad year for me!
I hate u!
I hate myself!
I want to work hard but I can't!
I hate god for playing such a trick on me!
want me fail say la :S
I know I gone a bit crazy luh
why did problem keep popping up to me as I grow up
like shit man *TSK*
Gonna spit out all what I want to scream
stop getting on my nerves nowadays
I dun want to reveal my another side
Getting annoyed by lots of things
I such a failure huh!
May GBM to find my thumb drive back soon!
I plead and please and begged!
This year is my last lap already
I dun want anything to go wrong
I just want to make it to poly
:D giving a smile off

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