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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Monday, May 16, 201110:55 AM
all focusing on my dear kevin woo ^^
OMG he the cutest and always the perfect one haha *Grin*
I believe one day he will be out of my mind heh
this was him when he a baby!
extracted from a fans blog
aha this one is when he still in XING
look so boyish right? lol think this was about 14-15 yr old
another pic of him when in XING
abit mature alr, think around 16-17 yr old
He quit Xing and join NH media which bought him into ukiss
this was when he join ukiss in 2008 first album>N generation>not young
uhuh back to boyish look again cause of the song mah
this was when he was 17 yr old
UKISS Pictures, Images and Photos
this was the pic of them at second album>back to old school
main song is I like you, is a retro of 80s
hence, all of their hairstyle is so epic!
OMG kevin and soohyun perm their hair like so uncle luh LOL
this was him in the third album>ManManHaNi>2009
this song is ukiss breakthrough that the world finally get to know UKISS
aha dye his hair blond and look mature too,got the abit bad boy look :D
his make up kinda thick too
this was him at the fourth album>Binguel Binguel>2010 feb
Ashy hair and look mature too with make up

this was him at the fifth album>BreakTime>shut up> 2010 oct
cut his hair short and dye back to black
he got train his abs LOL, he still skinny though
This was him and alexander hosting at The M Wave!
I keep on watching M wave because of him *.*
This was him at the sixth album>Bran new kiss>0330>2011 march 30
hair back to blond and good kid image again lol
gosh that how much he had change all these year :D
again this year ukiss member had been change, which kibum and alexander had been replaced by Hoon and AJ this year.
Still I miss both of them especially Xander! :(
This is former ukiss member with alexander and kibum
This is the new ukiss with AJ and Hoon in 2011
think ur are observe enough to know which is the 2 new member
spot the difference bah LOL
Kevin Woo Musical Pictures, Images and Photos
Sa-Rang-HeYo *.* KYAAA
UKiss' Woo Kevin Pictures, Images and Photos
Kevin abs during his shut up mv LOL
ukiss kevin Pictures, Images and Photos
That was Kevin when he host at pops in Seoul
that when he goes *BANG BANG*
Kevin Woo 0330 screenshot Pictures, Images and Photos
Cool right, Kevin during 0330 mv
lol at soohyun expression of looking at Kevin taking off earpiece
ukiss kevin Pictures, Images and Photos
I don understand why Kevin like to imitate Jongjuri LOL
he thinks he good at imitating her haha
unglam leh, sorry Kevin for putting this up at here, I know u don mind HEEE
I dunno what he doing with AJ lol
when AJ upload this on twitter, Kevin urge him to remove it
but still I manage to save it before AJ remove it HEEE
I am BAD :D
Got notice that when Kevin sleep, he likes to put his hand at there
I wonder why~ I wonder how~
lol think is his habit luh
ukiss kevin Pictures, Images and Photos
Epic man!
That all, upload a lot leh
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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