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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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My Birthday and the released of Ukiss Neverland >2nd full album
Thursday, September 1, 20117:30 AM
Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello :D
Its been a long time since I update my blog XP
Today is my 17th Birthday 1/9
Yea its on teacher's day LOL
OMG 17 years old, very old liao :(
anyway still thanks all my friend who wishes me
receives card that touch my heart a lot :)
For my birthday wishes, I hope I can pass my O level
and make it to Ngee Ann Poly and the course I wanted!
Also, I hoped I can get to see Kevin Woo once again ^^
Went to school today for celebration of teacher's day
its sucks because it's the first time in my 17 year of life that
I had to go to school on my bd :(
NVM, because the past is the past is the past
Then went home, slack at plaza with ker
then my mum bring me go to do passport LOL
then went back to plaza again for dinner
went to dine at Cafe Cartel :D
after that went home
Yeah cut cake and eat! yummy
my cake is the strawberry shortcake from four leaves 0.0
open a bottle of wine and drink LOL
Epic birthday....
2 letters from KER :D
Very touching when read
Birthday card from Xt and fiona :)
Flipped it open, OMG my KEVIN! ^^
My aunt bought me bouquet of flower with lollipop and ferrero
LOL she still treat me like a kid
Bottle of fruit wine that my mum buy for me :)
Moreover, my best present was that
Ukiss released their 2nd full album on my birthday
OMG you cant believe that I was damn happy and excited
I keep tweet to Kevin to ask him wish me happy birthday
but in the end he didn't T_T
its ok, I will forgive him :)
Their 2nd full album;NEVERLAND was damn nice
their singing and dancing have improved so much *cries*
hoped that ukiss will get No 1 !
Kevin had so many screen shot in the MV
Dammit, he was damn cool and cute ^^
I cant wait to buy their album :D
My kevin woo :)
Next post may be updated after my O
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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