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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Thursday, December 22, 20117:07 AM
Waaaa sia,long time no post blog already
Ok O level ended long time ago LOL
now working part time to earn money to buy album
haha,enjoy earning money
working at RIM research which is packing and sorting black berry phone
Work with Ming :)
quite fun though because can slack a bit
made new friends and have a great laugh together all time
They are Caryn and Sheryl
The Caryn ah,hear her laugh will laugh also one
That why every time we in decant room,people always complain
to ah girl that we very noisy!
then ah girl will come in and lecture us
my in charge is call ah Girl,well the office people call her like that
hah got one guy at there we named it as doctor
part timer also,always kanna disturb by me and others
He funny la! :D
heh still got Ah sao,anner,xiao ming,Doris,aini etc(staff at there)
waaa the anner(dunno if is spell like that) good at scolding vulgarities
his vulgarities is not like ah Beng one
He uses perfect English with fluent hokkien vulgar LOL
Every time hear him scold can laugh till Bing
The Ah sao (Teresa) also another weird one
always gossip with us about funny and weird thing
got one malay lady whom we call her as Cut lord ???
she has been doing decanning for the past 10 month
yet the company refuse to hire her as permanent staff
Poor thing,pity her sia cause she can only do decanning
while me and other do receiving,Ac and whatever shit la
but hor every time talk till her sure laugh one!!!
Its fun to hear them gossiping LOL,all kind of weird people
ok Ukiss made debut in Japan!!!!!
They released Japan single album which is Tick Tack
OMG the song and MV freaking nice luh
My Kevin damn cool la muahahha
Kevin and Eli also got collaborate with a Japan artiste > Jasmosa
They released a album called Together
The song so nice too!!!
The MV got so many screenshot of KEVIN! kyaaa he's cute!
^^ Gonna buy ukiss album soon
Teehee enjoy my current job very much
aiya lazy to type out all the funny thing Hah
so far so good
Bye la

Kevin,Eli and Jamosa
This was during Kevin birthday! The cake look so yummy ^^
Eating in Japan,Goshies all the food look so yummy! :D
Jealous of that cat,LOL XP
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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