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Tuesday, January 31, 20127:31 AM
Today late for work!!! LOL
that is because I cant squeeze up the bus,too crowded ><
reach workplace around 9.30am
before that on bus,ah girl call me asking if I got come not?
haha that is because she saw no one coming to work yet
doing receiving today :D my favourite still
do & do & do & do until lunchie time
Teresa no come today and I miss her!
had xiao wan mian,omg hot la the soup
after that went back to room to sleep
fell asleep already but keep kanna disturbed by Alvin
he noisy sia lol
went back to receiving again while Ming did her "fav" PDW
around 5pm went back room to sleep again
LOL we love sleeping
me,alvin,ming and ch were sleeping under the table
then suddenly ah girl bang in and ask me question
even told us to be more careful and off the light for us
then Jeremy come in look for alvin
we all say no see no see him haha!
then ah hui come in look for him again
we say no see him at all!
then she say sorry to disturb us sleeping :S
then she come double confirm is alvin is with us
then she ask me "hey are u sleeping with alvin" 0.0
I was like........ want laugh cannot laugh
I keep denying and say here only me,ming and doctor
omg u cant believe how hard alvin and ch trying to control their laughter under the table
EPIC moment
we all told alvin to faster get out luh
he chiong out and secretly went back to his work
6pm already went home!
went to plaza and eat western with MING
YUMMY dinner :D
then shop around and went home
goshies getting fatter already >< TT
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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