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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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UKISS new album (JAPAN) ^^
Sunday, March 18, 20127:34 AM
TEEHEE long time no update blog again -.-
recently been obsessed in my work so is kinda busy
and tired that I lazy to update it
Guess that I have been doing well in my work
totally get used to the environment there
hmm still miss the people at RIM
now now get back to decent topic :X
Ukiss has released their Japan album *applause*
"Forbidden Love" is the Mini Japan album
"A shared Dream" is the Japan full length album
Both songs are great *thumbs up*
Ukiss really been improving a lot
thus I actually think that it's better for them to debut in Japan
Look like they are doing better in Japan
hmm but Japan shipping is a lot more expensive than Korea
So is really $_$ pocket got one big hope already haha
Forbidden Love is more of R&B and really nice!
Well I get really high over this LOL :D
A shared dream tend to be more of emo but still great
it somehow trigger some of my memories , well sad one 0.0
when I listen to A shared dream,I keep have the feeling I heard somewhere
and a image of a blue house in a mountain just pop out in my mind
I dunno why -_- but I dream of it before
Well guess that I got too much imagination LOL :P
Please support Ukiss! they have the potential and talent *swear*
I shall always be a KISSME ^^ & Kevinia ^^
Tmr is Monday! back to tiring work again :(
but still need to get on with life though it sucks
let me post ukiss picture

okay Ukiss have been promoting ZOFF in Japan
They are advertising the ZOFF glasses
it include ZOFF box and cloth too but you will only get it if
you are the 1st 100th customer to purchase and you will get it
well I guess that we doesnt have any chance to get it now :(
I want this glasses that Kevin promote!
Here are some photo of Kevin cut from A shared Dream MV
He is freaking awesome in the water part
still as perfect as always ^.^
Kevin serious expression,wonder what show is he watchingOpps Dongho have fell asleep with his mouth open 0.0 haha
LOL! Kevin epic photo where he make up in the GOLDEN BELL
He demonstrated how to make up using fake mirror
I wonder if he know it end up like this ><
Kevin look so man so did the others!
okay time to go off
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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