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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Once Upon A Time
Thursday, June 7, 201210:11 AM
Its been a long time since I post
Well I got into RP, damn this school seriously
so lousy still act so strict, cannot wear slipper? GO DIE
Double exam in continuously month in June and July? GO DIE
Holiday so short still expect so much from us !
The food at their canteen is super awful too only sandwiches acceptable
One good thing is walk everywhere can enjoy air con
Everyday PBL and PPT, do until bore
all of my mates already got sick of it and no more motivation to carry on
Everyday do the RJ also sick of it already, getting shorter & no sense
Then you know what? Daily grade getting lousier -.-
Dislike my new class, bunch of insolent kids 
anyway try to go well with them though totally no topic with them
Okay apply the ART OF TOLERANCE *calm* 
Miss my sec class very much :( miss them like hell!!!
How I wish I was with them again, why didn't I cherish them for the past 5 years *sigh*
5 years is so long that its gone with a blink of eyes
Well human need to experience new things, just accept it
Who can I blame? blame myself for not working hard in math
Need to tolerate 3 years at there, chances going uni are low
but still need to work hard!
The route to uni is tough T^T
I can only pray that I will pass smoothly in the exam
Recently addicted to One Piece, really a freaking good anime
I wish I would go on a sail adventure with Luffy Crew
then no need to study and stress so much :S
well well, ukiss released their new album at the end of April
Its DORADORA,song and MV super nice  :D
Kevin still as perfect as ever ^^
Recently they make a special album for KissMe
Ukiss The Special To KissMe!
The song hit is Believe & Te Amo > worth to listen to it (Y)
still love my Kevin 100%
Ukiss DoraDora photo

Ukiss The Special To KissMe photo

 My Dear Kevin so cuteeeee <3

 Ukiss enjoying at radio recording room :D

okay I think it will be another long time I will post
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^
With Loveeee :D

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