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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Thursday, July 12, 20128:48 AM
TA~DA okay back to blogging after a long time
have taken exam already, I think all my result sucks <.<
MEH I still got a lot of exam to take -.-
I really need to study hard in exam since I wanna go uni
However I think my chances are low as long as I am in this sucky poly *BLEH
Been obsessed in Running Man! heee so funny la
Watching running man release my stress! THANKS GOD
Like HAHA the best, he is so cute leh :D
Second is Jaesuk while third is JongKook (Commander)
Also, I support the Monday couple (Gary & JiHyo) a lot!
okay I think Ukiss releasing new album again, this time round Japan
album name --> Dear my friend :O
they think I very rich ah!? keep release their album
My a/c going to become zero already T_T
anyway this is not the problem!
it seems like Ukiss have been busy releasing album and going concert tour
HELLO ! Please let Ukiss rest okay?
Later my dear Kevin Oppa sick how!? I will get upset D;
tsk tsk Ukiss is so hardworking and I dont get it why some other group is popular than them
Well Ukiss ex member , Alexander is coming to Singapore today ^^
He have a autograph session at IMM tmr at 1930 !
I would like to go but it would be better if Kevin is there haha XP
How I wish Kevin have his own single album, I will buy without hesitation :)
if #someday I wish to have the chance to meet Kevin
OMG he is really cute la, from every angle so perfect, cute and handsome
GOD, just let me be friend with him okay ^^
okayyyyyyy fineeeeeeeeeee
I know it will not come true though :(
Waiting for Sept holiday HEEHEE
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^
HAHA singing with charisma ^^

 Le coq sportif jacket like nice only, want it!
 This dog damn cute la! I want to have one too
This Kevin oppa is full of charisma + cute + handsome = perfect ^^

Extreme closeup can also look so perfect, photogenic Kevin oppa :)
Photo of Kevin oppa autograph to KISSME! I want it BADLY !!!!!!
I wanna the watch too XP LOVE YA <3

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