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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Korean BBQ for today ^^ YUMMY!
Saturday, July 14, 201210:11 AM
Have an awesome outing and meal today! ^^
went to watch AMAZING SPIDER MAN with xt today at cineleisure
HEE expected that a couple will come and sit beside us
little do we know that two handsome ah moh guy come sit with us
xt and I were like shocked to see them haha, so sua gu la
anyway amazing spider man is so nice to watch
some more this Peter Parker is so handsome and funny XD
the female lead is much more prettier and smart! 
after the movie, head on to A&F where xt wanna shop for her clothes
this girl forever rich one haha!
went around to find the perfume in A&F and turn out to cost $105
haha what a beautiful price <.<
spray it on the paper and place inside our bag hoho :)
after that head towards to Takashiyama
Went to Mini One to buy the cheesecake and mochi
their snack are damn delicious, recommend their croissant too (Y)
bought 200g each for my family !
meet Kerencia and together off we train to Tanjong Pagar
use Google map/navigator to find our way to the restaurant
The Korean BBQ buffet restaurant is called sik gaek/ 2D1N soju bang
Its is actually the same restaurant next to each other :X
well at least this Korean BBQ is open by real Korean!
so totally worth and delicious ^^ adult price is $22
start by taking lots and lots of meat!
there are pork belly, beef, chicken, bacon, sausages and many more
however there are not much seafood varieties, only got prawn though
 also we have to take the sesame leaves too! its a traditional way to eat
we wrap it with the meat, garlic, sauce and kimchi!
OMG so heavenly delicious!!!!
all of us were drooling at the sight of meat that none of us
were willing to put down our chopstick and take picture
though my friend did take some when we're almost done
The sound of the sizzling meat on the hot pan....
the aroma slowly immersed from the meat...
Ahhh the pork belly, bacon and beef (shabushabu)
the aroma was damn heavenly *chill*
We even order a small bottle of Korea beer "HITE" cost $5 only
JEEZ so nice la, to eat with the meat is another heaven man! 
There was a television that broadcast lots of k pop idol performance
I was like at there keep waiting for ukiss to come out
I at there "Ukiss! Ukiss! Ukiss! ".
and like seriously, Ukiss is the next to perform OMG!
I jump up from and seat and almost shout out  :D
after that I keep yelling for Beast to perform next
and true enough really is Beast haha
Kerencia and I both jump up from the seat and almost scream !
HEE xt is like so ps with our action and cover her face HAHA
I think the other people think we are crazy woman!
Haha Kerencia and I still wrap and feed each other :D
we feel so koreannnnnnnnnnnnnnn LOL ^^
after that time to go home!
BLEH our clothes, hair and body is reeks with strong BBQ smell
we felt so worried when we were to take train and bus
on the way to MRT, the street at Tanjong Pagar is quiet, dark and deserted
we are walking and chatting along the way
when we walk pass a dead car park and this Kerencia suddenly turn
and jerk out with a scary expression
worried, I quickly respond by holding on to her bag and turn around to see what was that
before we could react in time, the timid xt suddenly just push us violently all the way to the front
HAHA omg it was damn funny at that time!
we were like all shocked and thought she really saw something
she push until that she stepped on my shoes and my bag was being pulled down
we are just behaving like mad woman who turn crazy suddenly in the middle of the night
LOL we laugh until stomach pain about how stupid we are
of course mostly is at xt hilarious action !
we were all wondering how the 2 people walking behind us react LOL 
however it was true that the thing in the car park look like some one
standing at there staring at us!
okay thinking of this just freak me out seriously T_T
Train to outram park and waited for bus 190
xt parent came to pick her up but Kerencia and I think is awkward
so we rejected this very good chance haha
went home and bath :D
feel so bloat and layer of fat increase !!!! :(
I wash my hair thrice with shampoo and there still BBQ smell -.-
on laptop and here am I updating my blog :)
okay sorry for such a long post!
Thanks God for the good meal I have today !
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
Mayb GBE ^^

bacon and pork belly sizzling on the hot pan !
 The korea beer Hite (clean and pure)
  The pork belly and sausages grilling
what a beautiful and bright colour of the meat

 The sparkling pork belly dip with sauce and garlic!

The mini one snacks!

Kevin Oppa eating BBQ too!
but the one in Korea look more better than one is Singapore!
shall go to Korea one day to eat the real Korean BBQ!

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