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Ukiss Hwaiting! ^^
Friday, July 27, 201211:23 AM
Went to watch ukiss appearance on Strong Heart
My emotions got really up when Bang Eun Hee mentioned how hardworking Ukiss is
Indeed... they never have a chance to get in 1st place
not even in top 3 of Inkigayo or Mnet
Yes they come from a small entertainment company compared to others
they have a weak base and start from the beginning
but I'm sure that their talent is equivalent to others group
They have work and sacrifice so much to prove themselves in the music industries
why are they not given a chance to get a freaking award!
remember in 2011? Ex member Kibum and Alexander have to left the group?
I'm sure that the company also struggle in making this decision
They have to make a right decision to make Ukiss stronger and talented
Do u know that their
They have to freaking sacrifice their very own mates who fight with them from the beginning
then they have to freaking pretend like everything is all right
and continue to make a new album with a smile
so you guys think that they are just hypocrite crying in shows
saying how they wish to get in 1st place?
all they want is to seek attention from others?
and they are not popular just because they are far too lousy?
All those bitches in those forum better watch your words!
you didnt even know anything about them!?
you didnt go through what they have to experience all those pain, disappointment
C'mon! everyone is a hypocrite when they come out to society
Society is very realistic BITCH PLEASE
All others groups idol are also all hypocrite okay!
including me,you,him, her and all the people in the world! 
what freaking right do you have to say they are hypocrite!?
I am pretty sure that after they change the member
They certainly improved a lot!
Especially the song Neverland and 0330...
I couldn't get it why this 2 song didn't get in the top 3
what the hell is those judges doing?
So what if they come from a small entertainment company?
so you mean that the reason why they are not worth to take the award is it?
So what if they are not from YG, SM or cube entertainment?
what so great about coming from a huge company?
please be reminded that every huge company start from small and insignificant
Also, Ukiss are always interacting with the fans
like Kevin, Alexander, Hoon....
They should have more variety show for them!
put them on those freaking popular variety show can!?
Like Running Man, Hello baby etc
They really done well in their album! like the new song Believe
Please just let them win for once okay?
They put in so much effort to gain recognition from everyone
yet no one bother to look at it T_T
They are far more popular in overseas than in Korea
They did well in Japan, their popularity at there is high
they got in top 3 in the oricon chart too
but why couldn't Korea give them a chance?
They work so hard for this 5 year
They sacrifice their sleep, meal and energy just to gain recognition
They couldn't enjoy themselves like other group
who always got special treatment to go on an holiday
but there they are practicing their singing and dancing
thinking what they can improved to prove themselves
not to let down their family, company,manager and KissMe
although they didn't receive good responses
but they didn't give up and continue to strive
I really don't know what wrong about them
They are all good looking, good singer and good dancer
I got really upset when people didnt know who is ukiss
all they would say is "oh who that?"
'I only know SJ, SHINee and SNSD".
As a KissMe fans, this is really heartbreaking though we are used to it
In strong heart, I am sure they really hope to get in 1st place
They all got so work up when they imagine themselves getting the award
This show how strongly they desired for it
The every single effort they have put in...
I cried the moment when Kevin cry during the show
I know its from the bottom of his heart when he take the initiative
to give a speech if they were to win...
but he wouldn't because no words can describe his feeling
the memories of those hard time must have flash across his mind
I know he have tried to control his tear but wouldn't
those emotion must have been bottled up in his heart for a long time
Kevin really wish this is real and would happen #someday
Even Dongho tried to hold back his tears > He the stubborn type
Please do not anyhow jump to a conclusion about them
when you freaking don't understand what they are going through
there nothing proud to be a fans of big idol groups seriously
few years down the route, you would feel stupid but that is life
few years down the route, I will also feel stupid why I wrote this post
but I am here wanting to voice out the yearning of a poor group
who wanted to be successful in their career
at least I encourage and support them for their effort
its the same as you are working hard to get promote and acing in your exam
so don't tell me you don't know the feeling of studying hard or pleasing your boss
and the feeling when you have finally pass a test despite failing so many time that you almost gave up 
That all....
I hope no one continue to badmouth Ukiss just like you don't want someone to speaks bad of your idol

UKISS OPPA <3 KissMe will always be with you!
Don't cry and keep going on
Smile and ignore those harsh comments  :)
your effort will be recognized one day! Believe in yourselves okay?
I know my existence to Ukiss is zero and my word couldn't reach them 
but my post is really wanted to fight and gain fairness for them
so it doesn't matter if they saw this, I wish they didn't see (I don't want them to feel bad)
Kevin Oppa ah~ Be stronger and get a hold of yourselves okay :)
Tonight We Are Young ~~~
Ukiss Hwaiting :D
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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