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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Shopping Day + Korean BBQ!
Saturday, August 4, 201211:16 AM
Went to town today with Kerencia, xt and Ming
Xt want to buy her timberland shoes but sadly dont have her size
after that went to A&F again!
this rich girl xt bought another dress again for the formal
we at there spraying the A&F perfume! HAHA
after that wanted to head down to Bugis
then we decided to take a look at Flea Market
end up keep shopping for those pretty accessories
then we went up and saw a place like arcade
a machine with a hello kitty that easily can be catch
so they say one time can get the hello kitty alr
put $1.50, fail
then 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th round fail!
that freaking thing never even grab that hello kitty
Cheater bug machine! DAMN U
I so sorry for Ker, xt and ming for using their money
to help me in getting the hello kitty
started off with xt wanting to make a keychain hanging at her jeans
then we all see so nice also want to make one too
end up keep walk around choosing around
my keychain is somehow related to ONE PIECE theme :D
continue to shop from like 4pm to 7+pm
never underestimate a girl shopping power hohohoho
end up no time to go bugis shop for clothes and shoes *sigh*
cabbed down to tanjong pagar eat Korean buffet
this time round all eat rice and drink soup
take a lot of sesame leaves again and meat
grilling the bacon,beef and pork belly
I love the sausage and prawn yum yum 

OMG heavenly delicious!!! ^^
wanted to drink that super nice HITE korean beer
but that freaking girl say must 19 yr old then can drink
Walao here SG leh seriously ah!!!
Ker and I eat the most this time
maybe is because we didnt have our breakfast and lunch haha
still enjoy the korean buffet though is the second time
well I mentioned before is the Sik Gaek Korean Buffet :)
eat until all layers of fat popped out
need to do more exercising alr!
next time round going to change to next restaurant!
decided on the theme of Dim Sum
haha I'm just like a food critic
okay walking to the MRT....
and there this Ker scare all of us again!
She suddenly scream and I turned and look
to realise there is a cockroach near my feet
I scream and pushed xt away running to the front
LOL xt and Ming scream too without knowing what is happening
HAHA and there we all laugh until stomach pain again
HILARIOUS journey again hahahahaha :D
train to outram park and take bus 190
have a great chat on bus with Ker ^^
reach home and bath
whole body full of BBQ smell especially the hair
after bath still need do laundry
then I decided to do mask to pamper myself
while waiting for my one piece to load
then here am I updating my blog :)
This are the key chain I make 
cost me $14 but really nice :D

 The key, ribbon and anchor
 somehow related to one piece thing, the skull and the reel
 The anchor
okay that all guys!
enjoy the August month ! 
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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