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back to those days
Monday, October 29, 20128:24 AM
> 25/10/2012<

went to Halloween night with Bryan and Ker at USS!
yes my virgin experience at Halloween night
well I got really scared when I went in
so I just hold hand with Ker all the way
okay sorry I damn timid!
firstly went to watch a performance
the performance was amazing as they perform wonder girls "nobody but you"
Lady GaGa ' I'm born this way" and JB " Baby"
felt like watching concert because of those explosion and they did gamnam style too
then Bryan and Ker bought "Blood Pack" which was kind of like damn sweet juice
didn't buy it because I have not much money on me haha
then continue to go on and saw lot of people with scary makeup
and finally we have to walk pass that damn ZOMBIE STREET
can hear a lot of police siren, people speaking and policeman there
and we just blend in with crowds of people walking through
then slowly those zombie start walking out
I didnt dare to look into their eyes because they will scare you once eyes was meet
so I just totally superglue myself to Bryan and Ker!
plenty of zombies trying to scare us on the way and I refused to look at them
got one female zombie whisper "Help me" from the back of my ear
that send me chill down my spine , the 3 of us heard it and
we freak out while Bryan leading us to run away
WAAA his action make me feel more frighten cause feels like it is real!
I fail la, I at there already breakdown and say I wanna go home!
then finally pass the Zombie street!
walk to the Egypt area to find the haunted house but couldnt find it
so randomly walk until to the hospital haunted house
queue up for almost to 2 hours! from 9.30 to 11+ like that
then finally went in and I superglue myself to Bryan haha!
First time see Bryan screaming and freak out LOLOLOL
I got scare by someone hiding behind the door and jump at me
another one who purposely aimed to scare me because my face obviously
have the " I AM SUPER SCARE" word because I hid behind Bryan
as from eyes-witnesses Bryan and Ker ><
well that Bryan push me to the front when he got freak out by a female ghost
who came running out from the cage to him!
and I was damn scare when I am alone by myself in the front :X
that journey was like damn long and super hot too
finally got out and nearly major breakdown -.-
run to queue for Mummy Roller coaster! 
OMG still as awesome as ever!
didnt play the red line roller coaster with them because my energy drained!
wait outside for them hoping dont have some mummy come scare me
its a pity I didnt get to play Transformer Ride! :(
was so damn thirsty and tired that I going to dehydrate soon
going to the entrance have to walk pass that zombie street
I ignore them because I dont have the energy to scream anymore
finally went to 7-11 and bought mineral water
1am+ no train so have to walk back to habour front 
and we walk damn long and no taxi want to stop by
and we walk until a dead end that was like express highway
some bloody hell people keep snatch taxi from us
gave up and cross that dangerous road and continue to walk on
dead end again and we have to climb over a small fence -.-
what a great adventure I have! :)
then finally back to city and take taxi home
home at 2.50am, nice one
and I still have to complete my homework and sleep at 4am
okay it is really fun and adventurous!


meeting with my ex-colleague at blackberry
went to Shaw House to check the movie timing
but still not sure what to watch
so Ming and I went down to shop since there are sales
Alvin and yisheng haven reach yet mah
GAP brand but ladies not that nice
saw some nice men clothes so I bought two for my cousin haha!
but I think the grey colour one like too formal -.-
then that Alvin and yisheng keep say want to watch paranormal activity 4
persuaded by yisheng when he say really not scary
so walk to cine to buy tickets
go in immediately and sit down
the movie started and I already got freak out with Ming
the bloody part just scare me
oh god I just got scare at Halloween night the day before
continue watch and keep getting freak out
cant understand why both of them find it funny -.-
the most scary is the last part
I almost scream in the cinema and hit yisheng LOL
yisheng even say this is a comedy not horror movie 
okay fine first time watch such a scary movie in cinema
then train to Tanjong Pagar for Korean BBQ
teaching them how to eat in korean way haha
I didnt eat a lot sia because I just dont feel so hungry
Alvin stop eating first because he drank too much coke just now
1.5 litres coke, he is quite crazy sometimes 
for me is my own health problem la, cannot eat too oily
both of them just keep taking bacon and beef haha
I did ask them about their GPA, all above 3 GPA
my result like so lousy sia! WHY WHY WHY WHY
my course and school sucks la!

Its my brother 26th birthday!
went to dine at Jack place!
saw a lot of zombie at plaza haha!
I thought they will scare me when I stare at them
they even offer me candy lol
bought a strawberry shortcake for his birthday


went to Singapore art museum for school project 
have to ask people to do survey for us
target total 40 survey collected
out of the 10 survey I did, I fake 3 haha
cause really no people leh
so hot and tired too
then finally complete all! took us 2 hours
walk to Raffles city to eat Mac
then continue doing our school work
by discussing what we  have to do
then distribute what each of  us have to do
until around 6+ then finally go home
Jossy company me go buy donut
then walk with me to sun tec take bus :D
alight at plaza interchange and bought some sushi for dinner
tiring day!
you can see how busy am I for these past 4 days
so many event for me to go


Rot at home because there no school for me
but stressing about drawing homework *MEH*

Hate semester 2 :(
sorry for the super long post 
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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