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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Hao Jiu Bu Jian !!!
Friday, October 19, 201211:21 AM
its been a long time since I post on my blog
because during that period , been busy with exam
and then my sept holiday came!
busy watching show the whole day haha!
and yes I went to attend my poly class chalet gathering at East Coast
lucky I never stay because it look so spooky and small too!
however I ate a lot at the BBQ there!
so yummy TEEHEE :D
have lots of fun with my friend running around
okay I also dunno what I doing at there
I just knew that I went off with a few to walk along
the beach near midnight, enjoying the breeze
well it is really awkward that I am the only one
who cannot climb the cliff :(
well I not athlete enough haha
and my friend has to push me from my back/ butt haha!
funny memories huh :)
also until left 2 weeks to school opening then go work
so cool RIGHT !?
because its too mainstream to work in the beginning of the holiday
have lots of fun during work
because I got to see all types of weird people
and I discovered new cheap food in town area
AHHH especially the yong tau foo at Lucky plaza
it was so yummy OISHI :D *drooling*
and then during the end of sept
my beloved Ukiss released their new album "Stop Girl"
Well I think it was only just average though :(
but still support them!
I still think that 0330 and Neverland is the best of all !
and yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
I going to catch up with One Piece latest episode!
so I better stop and look for others anime
found Bleach, D gray man.
nice show but still One Piece is the most awesome!
okay my stupid school open on Friday!
so angry lo :(
where got school open on Friday one! act cute only la
but my timetable awesome, every Mon no lesson so no school haha
and then I have to adapt to new class in new semester
all the people look so nice to me :D
and then...........
they are all damn competitive, so fierce shioooo
their general knowledge about art is damn good
their processor work very fast
I totally like a dumb dumb at there
I feel so inferior, sad, stupid, look down, piss off
by any means they wanted to grab the chance to answer
and I have no idea anything about art, theatre play all these
this art module sucks! it does not suit me at all
Math you indeed ruin my whole life!
everyday go to class like going to fight in battle field
once see them taking out weapon, must also take out to defence myself
however my weapon too fragile ah, need to upgrade it
if not will be kill by all their AK 47 and machine guns!
like so damn it! I hate it! I like so anti social at there
okay enough with my complaining
what done has been done!
I can only continue to work hard, what more can I do???
blame myself lo T_T
okay tmr going down to collect my dear Ukiss album!
yeah yeah!

 The ice cream look so yummy!!!! :D
 Kevin is so cute in the One of you MV! KAWAII ^^
One Piece Luffy! forever my HERO and he is always so awesome!!!!

ta~da see if I'm in the mood to update my blog again :)
May GBU! ^^
May GBM! ^^
May GBE!  ^^

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