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Happy Halloween! :D
Wednesday, October 31, 20126:19 AM
Happy Halloween guys!!!
well I just celebrate my Halloween night last Thursday at USS haha
last night I didn't connect my cable properly so my phone didn't get charge
so I just automatically wake up at 6.55am (usual time of waking up)
shocked to see my phone totally dead that why my alarm didn't rung -.-
luckily my bio-clock very guai one haha 
went to school as usual and did 2 presentation in one day
tried north canteen the malay stall, ayam penset today
recommended by my friend, Jia Hui
well its nice and the chicken is very crispy and fragant
but I think the chilli was too spicy for me though
also got the kok lo pok, very yummy
end at 3.11pm today and did my RJ
went down to meet my darling friend, MK ^^
HEEE so long nvr see her leh
walk to E4 lecture room and shocked to see a long queue
then one faci come out saying already got 100 people and
ask us not to waste time anymore -.- damn u!
then MK and I sit down at one corner while I wait for Ker text
so I told her about my hilarious and scary experience at the Halloween night
she said she wanted go with her bf but not enough ppl go with them
both of them was scare so they drop the idea HAHA 
also get a lot of information from her about my sem 1 friend who same class as her
OMG so happy and glad to hear that piece of information from her
so I'm not the only one and MK dont like her 0.0
then Ker text me and meet me at E2
awkward because MK and Ker dont know each other
so 3 of us wanna take taxi to causeway point because its raining
so we queue up and its quite a long queue
so I was talking to them about how uncle later get annoyed that
we only wanna go to causeway point
there this faci behind us overheard our conversation and offered
to lombang us there since she heading to kallang
she ask me " so you guys are going to causeway point?"
me " yup"
she" well I can drop you there since I heading to kallang and your dont have to pay a single cent".
then the 3 of us was like okayyyyyy.....awkwardddddd
so that was how we get to get a free ride LOL
that faci teach engineering course one, not bad ah HAHA
then I went to bought my dinner and so was Ker
chat a lot of funny stuff with Ker on bus HEH
few more hours to NOVEMBER!  

May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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