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Kevin우성현 :) is mine
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Tuesday, October 23, 20126:36 AM
okay semester 2 really sucks a lot
all those modules make my life even more worst
I totally hate the drawing lesson!
I start drawing it already feel so irritated
Been so stress recently
dunno why got so many things to do
everyday stressing here and there
I got stress with my school work like finally
it makes me feel stress x9000
and then I stress about Halloween night too
okay I know I'm timid and I think I will
totally major breakdown at there
after a round in the haunted house at USS
I stress about my own health too
it was no good, I don't know why
but I suppose I ruin my own health
really so tiring everyday
I am not happy going to class every morning
because those are not the face I really want to see
I miss my secondary school life seriously
I miss my teacher keep nagging at us
throwing us tons of homework to do
then at there crapping with friends in class
laughing, playing, chatting with each other
then no need stress what to eat!
cause every stall is so delicious :D
those great memories at secondary school :)
but now I can no longer go back any more
I used to complain how troublesome to go assembly
how awful and dull to wear school uniform
and I miss it badly now!
at least whenever I go to class during secondary
I felt happy because I get to see all my best mates there
always doing some stupid stuff together
I should have cherish those 5 years spent together with my friends and teacher
Poly is not as simple as you think
instead of fun, you can say is to suffer and train
yourself to be independent!
unless you are in a class which are really bonded

I hate my poly life totally!
I feel so sick of my life now
no colour at all :(
okay quit complaining and continue to live on
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

 I wish I can smile just like you! *sigh*

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