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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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study or shopping?
Sunday, November 4, 20128:17 AM
Meet Mk at woodland MRT today to go Bishan together
wait for Wadah to come while shop around
went to bishan library to do our drawing homework
the library so cool one!
got box like thing that you can sit inside like a personal space
did our drawing but still stress
then discuss about that shitty art history homework
wanted to do JJ Lin but sadly enough
I wouldnt find anyone that influence him to become a singer
I found my dear Kevin woo, who is influence by Rain
but still not strong enough to do the chart
so I ditch him HAHA
but now stress ah, dunno which singer or band to choose
okay after leaving library went to have lunch and do window shopping
Have pasta mania for lunchieeeeee
order my fav aglio olio :D with a combo set of drinks and soup
their creamy chicken soup so yummy 
the cheese stick is very nice too ....
Mk wanted to buy eyeliner so we went around finding
then Mk wanted to buy a ring and somehow wadah and I
got influence by her and wanted to buy too
3 for $10 mah, just nice 3 people
choose a lovely ribbon golden ring -.-
but its so cute ^^
then stop by ARTBOX
wanted to buy a scheduler so I bought at there
the scheduler is so cute somemore 50% off haha
then choose another cute pen to match my scheduler
HEEE wadah also bought the same items as me :)
then went down to the M) phosis shop to buy the
tissue holder I always wanted !
their items all so nice and everything is in black
so the tissue holder cost $5.60 and I bought it -.-
their bag is so nice too!
I'm still thinking of that bag :X
okay stop it I need to save money
so I spend around 30+ today T__T
Fail la me!
anyway have a great chat and fun with Mk and wadah :D
hope to see them again!!!!  

                                                              The things I bought today

Ukiss has a successful performance at Peru!
Seems like my dear Kevin had fun on the plane and he should be back to Korea safely! 
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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