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Kevin우성현 :) is mine
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The art of swiping card
Saturday, November 10, 20129:22 AM
Went to substation to watch Decimal Point 5.1
well have to go because it is related to school exam
Freaking late when I go the city hall there
that freaking bus drive until so slow! jam some more
so I got down at Far east and took taxi to there
feel so Ps that Jossy wait for me for so long :(
okay so I totally dont understand what the play is showing
so I just sat there with a blur face
but got some scene a bit "ehem" ah -.-
so happy to see so many of my Sem 1 classmates there :D
especially MK, wadah, ainee, ifah and salina!
after the play ended, walk to Plaza Sing with Ker
because we want to go to the GAP sales
so we keep walking and walking
and we realise we are going one big round and
keep coming back to the same place -.-
then finally got to there
went to GAP store and look at the jeans
their legging jeans so nice
so both of us went to try
okay its niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
so I at there hesitate whether to buy not
the 2nd piece 50% off so cost $90 for one
hmm so I still decided to buy
and this is the first time I bought such expensive thing
using my own money :0
swipe my card and feel my heart aching
so I tell myself just do it! 
okay never mind, just this time round
I have to HENG XIA XIN LAI !!!!
so I was really hungry and went up to Kopitiam
share glass noodles with Ker
not bad la although its not what I expected
then went to fox, intending to buy hoodies
but none of it catch my eyes
after that we walk to Orchard Point
because I want to take a look at that newly open Korea clothes shop
so we keep going up and up the escalator
well some are nice but too expensive la
so we walk around and discover a lot of new place
one of the shop clothes is so damn nice
not that expensive though, around 20+
I like that shirt with the skull on the collar
and another that is a pull over
I'm going to buy it when I get my pay 'maybe'
so walk around and realise still can go up
the escalator is so damn long and the scenery up there is so nice
its like a rooftop garden and a lot of restaurant over there
peaceful and breezy
I decided that when I'm sad, I shall go there read a book
and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or cold sherbet
while enjoying the beautiful scene up there
then we go take the lift and its like damn cool
feel like playing roller coaster haha!
after that walk to take 190 to clark quay
well going to have korea food for our dinner!
Ker and I are just like regular customer at there
almost every month confirm will go there eat once
so I order saba set with rice
OMG super damn delicious la XD
their ginseng chicken soup, kimchi ramen all so delicious
one of my really favourite store! 
feel damn bloated after eating all these
so we walk to the river side, sit down and talk crap
haha that Ker a bit crazy, she talk until like she drunk
and she irritated me by saying my Kevin!
seriously last warning la she! hahahahaha
then around 9pm walk to Novotel there
bought cuttlefish and one can of rice nectar drink
okay that drink sucks to the core
sit by the river side there eat again
everytime go out with this girl always keep eating
then we wanna walk to china town take bus haha
on the way talk a lot of random thing too
like how we want our future boyfriend to be like
so we are virgo and everything is about PERFECT
1) Good - looking preferably cute
2) Rich
3) Hair must be short and neat
4) Have fashion sense
5) Smart
6) Muscle but not too over
7) Respectful
8) Responsible
9) Gentleman
10) Honest
11) at least know how to play one musical instrument
okay fine its our own wishing hahah, impossible for me
so on bus talk a lot of crap that doesnt make sense
so this ker was talking about her future boyfriend etc
and dunno say until what if he put something into her banana milk
then bring her back home haha
so I'm like then later you got pregnant etc
then she say later she give birth to 3 at once
and she said loudly " WAAA if like that the sperm good job"
so ps la she say until quite loud haha
omg another hilarious bus journey with her again
look forward to another outing at town!
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

so cuteeee ^^

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