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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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1st Dec outing
Saturday, December 1, 20128:28 AM
Went out with Ker and xt today!
bus to orchard and went to Far East eat fruits
bought mangoes and kiwi, so yum yum :)
then walk to shaw house isetan to buy sushi
Hee got Japan food fair at there
so went around trying all the samples
ohhh their cold udon and soup ramen so nice
Ker and I bought Japanese rice cake because so delicious!
then xt and I bought some sushi and went up to the cinema there
to eat our sushi while enjoying the nice scenery
after that shop at Victoria secret and spray ourselves with various perfume
go to A&F and shop for a super long time
this xt bring us around looking here and there
end up Ker and I wanted to buy that super nice pull over
which cost 130, yea $130.00
but xt friend work at A&F so we get to have discount off
so is like only $90+
hmm not bad la but still considering
walk around at flea market but nothing to buy
so we bring xt go to orchard centre and bring her to the highest level
and oh ya ker and xt take a balloon when some event is giving out
so we wanted to go to the highest level to let go of the balloon
wanted to buy my skull collar blouse but dont have black colour :(
took a lot of picture around
and then my photo all ugly la
my face like so swollen
dont know  is too fat or what or the angle wrong
I smile like no smile like that, SAD AH
forget it la, always like that one
no wonder cannot find a bf la! -.-
then at night went to clark quay eat Ginseng chicken again!
omo so yummy! forever my favourite and the kimchi ramen as well
then that ker ask if wanted to share second serving of rice with her
then I say yes, okay a bit crazy but was really hungry
then we went to buy the dip fries with nacho cheese
OMG super awesome and yummy! ^^
then this xt wanted to drink very much so we go to CHEERs
and bought one XXL Heineken to share
then Ker saw some READY-TO-EAT sausages
then we bought two of it
no wonder I fat like a humty dumbty
got really high after a few sip =.=
I dunno why I keep laughing also
but must be this ker and her really-tight sausages
making me keep laughing like what LOL
well still have a great day today ^^
okay my dear Kevin also enjoy his sat very much
he went for bowling with Eli and Kiseop
I wanna play with him too! ^^
 my dear Kevin playing bowling with Eli and Kiseop
 The yummy ginseng chicken soup
the balloon block my face haha

Ukiss releasing new Japanese single, Distance
The song is awesome!!!
Have a great December! 
May GBU ^^
May  GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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