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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Tuesday, December 25, 20127:51 AM
Wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :D
so as usual didn't hang out with my clique to celebrate Christmas haha
but my mum is off on Christmas eve so went shopping lo!
actually want go Orchard but we know it will be very crowded so drop the idea
then my mum went CCK to do her eyebrow until like 530pm -.-
so end up shopping at Lot 1
so many sales going around and bought a pair of high heels shoes
AWWW the shoes is so nice and easy to walk around
$30+ a pair after the discount, so worth right?
my mum said its my christmas present haha
I still need to get myself a new handbag for new year
so aimlessly walk around shop shop
then have dinner at a restaurant
ate xiao long bao again, yum yum ^^
okay quite a boring day though haha
oh ya last sat went to watch a Christmas play with Jossy
its her church playing the show so I went all the way to expo
to watch because she wanted me to watch badly
haha okay the play is very nice and funny :)
and Jossy gave me a Christmas present! so touching :D
I gave her a lovely Christmas card too!
her church friend is very friendly and nice
they still recognize me that I came before
and I receive some present from them too HAHA
its a awesome day but a bit of awkward when they started to pray and sing
well basically because I'm a Buddhist not Christian
okay so today Christmas is stay home and rot a bit
have porridge for lunch yea
then watch show for the whole day
and you know what, I re-watch MAMA 2012
because there is really no show until 530pm
then my dad bought home a spring chicken
and tell me to take it as a "turkey" LOL
still no chance to eat log cake :(
so far, one Christmas present receive o_o
well better than nothing right?
2012/12/21 is so stupid! what doom days sia
some still so dumb dumb go believe it -.-
I think it means a brand new start since its a day to eat rice ball
for Chinese culture which represent reunite and happiness
so let welcome a brand new year 2013 soon!

 Christmas present and card from Dear Jossy ^^
 The other two present is from Jossy church friend, all is food though haha
 The beef la mian I have with my mum
 Radish pastry, super yummy :)
 The spring chicken my dad bought as a replacement of turkey HAHA!

My dear Kevin is having fun too!
He celebrate Christmas by snow skiing with the rest of ukiss member
how I hope I can celebrate with him too
 Kyaaa so cute with his catty pajamas/hoodies! ^^
 so he bought an iphone 5 and show off XP
another apple mania la he
His Christmas message to Kissme! so cuteeeeeeee :D
 too much kevin photo?
G-Dragon is awesome too haha!
 Kevin hoodies is so nice!
 So this is Kevin's photo card for Ukiss distance
and I get Kiseop one :(
I wanna trade for KEVIN!
PLS anyone trade it with me! T_T

 Kevin photo of Ukiss ALONE
He's back to his blond hair! still as handsome as ever
I keep mistook him as Eli -.-
Their photo sticker!
they change all their eyes haha
and they take it one sep 10 or oct 9?
so cuteeeeeeeeeee!
still prefer his short neat brown hair :)

May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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