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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Monday, March 11, 20139:26 AM
Went to town with Ker and Ming today again!
bus to Isetan first because Ker wanna return her badge
then intended to buy sushi from there but so ex :(
so we walk around and bought a rice ball and eggroll from a korean stall
walk to far east to buy drink and sit down to eat
hmmmm so yummy!!!
too hungry and forgot to take a picture of it HAHA XP
then headed to Wisma Isetan because Ker and I wanna bought the nail polish
so nice and its only $5, Korea brand though
then went to cineleisure because I wanna buy ukiss poster
end up the person say the stock haven arrive yet :(
so I left the place disappointed
went to somerset NEW LOOK haha
play around with their high heel shoes again!
really damn high, cannot walk properly
their clothes are so nice but too over budget for me :(
so we decided to pick out the clothes we wanted and try it out
haha so nice lo but cant bear to apart with my money haha
then Ker and I bring Ming to the heaven paradise
discover a new place again haha
its forever so beautiful over there and romantic
then we bus down to clark quay to eat the italian restaurant
so full and cant eat anymore haha
our appetite become so small
then end up went to buy cuttlefish and sit by the river bank eat
then this Ker was at there applying nail polish
using my nude colour nail polish
so PS and yet funny haha ! 
after that we walk all the way to ChinaTown to take 190  bus home

back to the last Friday when I have the same outing with them again
this time round with Bryan but he went off as he have work
went to clark quay Chiso Manzai to have lunch buffet, Japanese
cost only $20 with a add on of unlimited drinks
to me the buffet is just so-so, not much variety though
their soba, takoyaki,pancakes and hotpot is recommended
the rest are just so budget and nothing special
reminded that there is no sashimi during lunchie
after that we bus down to town again haha
went to somerset to look for my Ukiss and JJ Lin album
a pity doesnt have it
then went around to shop shop again
I think around night time we went to eat chickn cutlet and tokbuki at somerset
haha eat a lot recently
have such a good and lazy life in poly that I totally get fat :(
ya that all!

 Chiso Manzai, Soba, sushi,takoyaki , pancakes and potatoes salad
 Chiso Manzai- Pork Belly Ramen, cold octopus, macha tofu
forgot to take the pic of hotpot

 Heaven paradise
 Heaven Paradise- the fountain
 Heaven Paradise- uses wire to create it
 Heaven- the pond
 Saizeriya -mushroom soup
 Saizeriya -seafood gratin
  Saizeriya - escargot in garlic butter , damn nice!

The nail polish I bought recently
the pink one in the middle is the one I bought at Isetan today.
May GBU! ^^
May GBM! ^^
May GBE! ^^

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