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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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uBeat at Nihao Taiwan M count down!
Thursday, April 25, 20138:01 AM
yea so today ukiss went to attend Nihao Taiwan M count down today!!!
so uBeat will be performing too!
OMG their performance is so awesome :D
my dear Kevin look totally fabulous during the performance
that earrings totally make him bring out another kind of style haha
he look kinda of man, hot and so good looking when performing
Damn how can he be that perfect and good looking at the same time!
his angelic singing totally melt my heart and got me so high la ^^
the above link is uBeat performance at the M count down
do watch okay, it was totally awesome :D
I hope uBeat come to Singapore for fans meeting!
I want to see my dear Kevin face one more time!!!
now he totally stuck in my mind already, UGHHH
ever since school open, there have been mountains of school assignment thrown to us
year 2 was totally busy and tiring! no play play already
I got really stress for this year module
I have individual work,report and presentation for arts management
AHHHH how am I going to handle this???
I think I need to perform and direct a play 3 times for directing and performance
this totally sucks, I'm super bad at acting and dramatizing -.-
production design got me really muddle head, got include drawing some more  
the problem always get me so confuse *sigh*
another down grade for this sem again :(
Oh God why is my life so pathetic!!!!???
fine fine I will just get over with this shit

Ukiss at the airport
lol their pose machiam like going to fight like that haha
Kevin's leg is so skinny ><

the selca he tweeted after the performance at M count down
OMG so cute!
and he really took one more selca after I tweeted to him for more selca
HAHA! he took off the earring though, that look better on him :S 
okay his selca look kind of girly and acting cute
at least he act cute got cute okay!?
 He put up this selca and I tweeted him to upload more selca :)
and then few minutes later...
TADAH, he upload this selca!
what a cutie sweetie pie he is ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBE ^^

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