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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Ain't no time for you, Kevin
Monday, May 20, 20137:01 AM
Today 8am class become 9am class haha
but got scolded by faci, cat
because no one go collect the tool kit by 8.50am
LOL I dunno anything.....
then started to discuss what are the measurement and scale all these
waaa I at there really trying hard to catch what they are saying
as I was absent for the last week class
still don't really understand though -____-
so I become the measuring tape girl
I just hold on to the measuring tape and prepare to measure whatever they say
haha it was so fun to roll the tape here and there
was supposed to end at 1pm but ended early at 12pm
WEEE we are efficient haha
after that go causeway buy lunchie for myself and my mum
the weather is really super hot, can cook myself already
yeah holiday is coming and last classes is on wed!!! hoorayyy
but my holiday is super busy luh
I have to complete 4 team assignment within this June holiday 
all have to be hand up when school open
some more I still go for some volunteers activity
my first week of holiday gonna stuck at there
ohhh god holiday like no holiday
exam start right after holiday, cool right?
year 2 really damn busy la, like I say
I still can find time to blog HAHA
holiday no play play already :( 
ain't no time for Kevin and my show  :(
I wait for my uBeat autographed album wait until hair going white already
how come the thing I buy always need to wait so long one -.-
glad that I bought the autographed album, got include their photo muahaha
can't wait for its arrival :D
hope this sem can be smooth and fun
oh yea Happy 19th Birthday to my friend cum mother, Fiona Lim BeiXuan! 
Today is 520!!!!

uBeat at ShimShimTaPa 
 Kevin look kind of tired and old...
 LOL Kevin what's with that papa smile -.-

 haha Kevin's smile kind of look weird and pervy -_-

Kevin and AJ!!!

Kevin with AJ and Eli!
Kevin & Eli, should I shout out "Gayyyyyyy"
haha kidding only

 Ukiss & Cinderella!!!
Kevin teaching you how brush teeth? hmmmm
 Kevin at simply Kpop again!
I realised I will always miss their performance, forget it haha
 His poster at Summer Snow Musical !
 advertising his phone???
his phone look so nice la, especially that customized cover!
I wanted too but no idea what phone is he using
look like Sony Ericsson to me ......
ohhh I damn love this pic of him!
so handsome and cute, oh god how can you look so perfect ! ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

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