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Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Outing with cousin!
Saturday, July 6, 201310:25 AM
So yeahhh all my holiday assignment are over already
I have survived the most hardcore assignment, directing & performance!!!
so the first UT are all over and finally I have a week to slack
well I guess all the exam are being screwed up
so I went Kbox with my cousin today to enjoy myself
relieve myself from all the stress I have pile up in school
drank 4 glass of soda today and take it as our dinner
sing a lot of JJ lin song today haha
I still know how to sing okay! forever his fans :D
I even sing 5566 song, oh ho cant even believe I knew how to sing
so I wanted to end my day with Zhang Xue You "WEN BIE"
but its a pity that the "Qing tian" is already the last
so we sing for like 4 hours and were super tired
WAAA the Kbox gst all these add up already like 20bucks
that is already crazy, is it because is weekend?
then we train down to somerset
as usual go to HMV see album HEEHEE
then went to flea market shop
my cousin bought a bag there after long consideration
so I went to scape underground and walk around
wanted to buy a blue dress costing $15
but didnt buy cause I scare cannot wear or will regret
so I walk around and saw some tee
I was like OMG finally there a shop selling tee and its quite nice :)
so I pick 2 with agreement from my cousin haha
actually is 2 for $30 but I spotted a small brown stain at the back of the collar
 that person did not have a new piece for me
and she say its her fault since she touch it when her henna is not dry yet
so she lower the price to $28 for me
happily bought that 2 shirt ^^
so we train to clark quay
recommend my cousin to buy that cake in jar
told her it was nicer than the original one teehee
and she bought one to try after much consideration
cant resist the temptation and I bought blueberry cheesecake and bailey tiramisu
so finally went home and my feet ache
ask my dad to try the cake and he try it
Baily tiramisu "OHH its nice" with a amazed look on his face
Blueberry cheesecake 'OMG I love this" with a big smile on his face HAHA
but he was shocked to know the price though XP
anyway enjoy myself with my cousin today very much!
its been a long time since I felt so relaxing
after this weekend, I gonna busy with my new assignment next week
getting more and more busier than ever
cant wait for this sem to be over!
oh ya I finally receive my uBEAT autograph album!
OMG Kevin is super damn cute ^^
May GBU ^^
May GBM ^^
May GBE ^^

 uBeat autograph album!

The 2 tee I buy

 Bailey Tiramisu & Blueberry Cheesecake
Ukiss new Japan album " Inside of Me"
full PV already out, its really nice :)

 In some magazine photo shooting

 Love Kevin blur face haha :D

omg is Kevin wearing boxer or what? haha

Kevin photo for "Inside Of Me"

 Having fun in Mexico!

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